2012.07.29 Sunday
All scale model collectors around the world encounter minor or even major issues with parts of their precious collection at some point in time.
For example rubber tires tend to become brittle with age and may burst. Vacuum formed windows of older kits use a different kind of
material which becomes yellow over time. If you have such a problem with one or more of your items from your collection
the YOW MODELLINI "Part reconstruction service" might just be the solution you are looking for.
With the vast modelling experience built up in more then 20 years reconstructing parts into a more durable copy is in most
cases no rocket science for us. If you have burst tires we can reproduce them in resin. The life span of such resin tires is
almost infinite. For yellowed or otherwise damaged vacuum formed windows we can reproduce them in a modern material for 
vacuumforming. If you have a tarnished model in your collection don't hesitate to approach us with your request. There is 
almost no problem we can't find an resolution for.
Some of the products I remade myself for my personal collection are shown below so you can see what the potential can be.
Don't worry if the part you want to have refurbished is not falling into the tire or window category. Please feel free to approach
us with any of your issues. Regarding the pricing it is very tough to indicate something without understanding your specific
problem first. Just give us a desicription of your problem with pictures to explain the matter and we are sure we can surprise you 
with a pretty cost competitive solution to bring your precious collectors item back in pristine condition.
Looking forward to your inquiries, Yow Ito
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